Huber Engineered Woods LLC

  Huber Engineered Woods LLC

333 Station Rd
Easton, Maine

     Business Hours: Monday to Friday 5:00 am to 4:00 pm


  • Quaking & Bigtooth Aspen - Poplar, Sugar Maple, & Red Maple, Yellow & White Birch, Beech and Balm of Gilead;
  • Green wood only;
  • Ideally, loads containing Balm of Gilead would be mixed at 25%;
  • Wood cut in summer should be delivered within 30 days


  • Min. 96" (Wood 100"); 
  • Max. 103" (Wood 100");
  • Semi-tree and Tree length - Target 16'5" and then increments of 8'. The last "random" piece can be included in the load;
  • All stems must contain 2 usable 100" pieces;
  • All stems should be topped after the last usable 100" section.


  • Min. 4" inside the bark;
  • Max. 28" inside the bark.
  • A piece of wood must be able to go through a tube of 28" in diameter.



  • All limbs and stubs must be cut flush with the tree;
  • No crotches will be accepted;
  • No splits of excessive butt flare will be accepted;
  • Rot should be kept to a min..;
  • Pieces with over 1/3 their diameter may be rejected;
  • Excessively crooked trees will not be accepted;
  • Max. allowable sweep will be 6" per 100" piece, no dog legs;
  • No charred or burnt wood;
  • The mill reserves the right to reject any and all wood not meeting these specifications.


  • For deliveries, the driver will need his Transport Certificate book and his passport to cross;
  • You need to check with your insurance company as you may need to be insured differently to go to the USA;
  • You may also need to be plated differently for the USA;
  • Before any deliveries you must ensure that the diameter does not exceed 4 inches as the load may be refused if it is any smaller;
  • Ensure that all limbs are cut flush;
  • For all deliveries, you will need the contract number: M1838;
  • Since prices are in $ US, a delay in payment may occur as we need to check the US exchange daily. You will be paid in $ CAN.


        SAFETY NOTICE: The unbinding rack positioned in Huber's wood yard has been modified to accommodate the unbinding of log trucks and the safety of the driver while unbinding. until further notice all log trucks will unbind under the protection of the self retracting swing arms, no exceptions.

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