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The North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board is an organization founded to give all the private woodlot owners bargaining power in negotiations, to sell his/her wood at the best possible price to all available markets and to encourage good woodlot management practices by offering forestry services.

We are located at 2807 Miramichi avenue, Bathurst, NB and we are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

First step would be to contact the North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board to know what the wood markets are at the mills. 

Next would be to have a field visit with one of our Forest Technicians to get advice for the best management practices on your woodlot.

Visit with the woodlot owners


Pre-Commercial thinning


Plantation cleaning

Management plan

Commercial thinning

Operation plan

Selective thinning

Shelterwood thinning

Strip cuts

Every woodlot owners who owns at least 10Ha (25 acres) of forest land.

Our services are free, except the plantation program, we charge 135.85$/Ha (55$/acre). 

Yes you can, we encourage woodlot owners to do at least 0.40Ha (1 acre) to be worth our time to start the work. 

It is very important to keep a log book of the loads in your yard, or a cross reference system for your transportation certificate numbers. You must always keep a copy of your transport certificates as proof of wood travel when asked by the authority.

Make sure that the only white sheets in your books are for cancelled loads or unused certificates. These white sheets serve as proof for the wood recipients.

Names and addresses of the recipients for fire wood must be clearly indicated on the certificates. Dates and times must also be indicated clearly for all deliveries.

All transport certificate books must be kept outside of the cabin.

Make sure to leave a transportation certificate sheet with all wood deliveries even for transfers and fire wood.

To help you fill out the TC's, please refer to the examples below and provide information in checked off areas.

All books must be returned to the Board by April 15th of the following year.

For more details, please consult the Act below.


If you take the example table for poplar. (see attachment)

Volume in M3 divided by 2.26 (See table section poplar M3 up to cord) = total in cords.

If we have 30.75 M3 divided by the 2.26 = 13.6062 cd.

For the price, multiply ex: if it is $ 47.27 M3 x 2.26 = $ 106.83 per cord.

So for 13.61 cord x $ 106.83 cd = $ 1 453.55.

We can also verify if it is correct;

We take the 30.75 M3 x $ 47.27M3 = $ 1 453.55.

Conversion Table (click)


1 cord 8’ = 4h x 4w x 8 Long. = 128 ft³

1 cord 9’ = 3.77h x 3.77w x 9Long. = 128 ft³

With each payment by check we enclose this letter (please click)

For faster deposits, saving time, paper and bank fees we encourage direct deposits. Your cancelled checks are kept confidentially in your file.. However, we will also respect your choice if you prefer to receive payment by check.

Please keep your EFT remittance advice or the check stub that you will receive from the NSFPMB as these are the only documents that will be provided to you.