Delco Forest Products Ltd.

  Delco Forest Products Ltd.

1999 NB-470
West Branch, New Brunswick
E4W 3G9

       Business hours :

       Monday to Thursday : 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

       Friday : 7:00 am to 2:30 pm



  • Spruce, fir and jack pine. 


  • 100" or more, not less for 8';
  • 108" or more, not less for 9'.


  • Min. 4.5" inside bark;
  • Max. 20"  inside bark at butt end.



  • Cow pasture spruce is not acceptable;
  • Studwood must be sound, with no rotten butts or stained wood in load;
  • No dead wood in load;
  • Delimbed properly, with knots cut flush with the bolt; no spikes, butt flare or forks;
  • No cross sticks, branches, mud or other foreign objects in the load;
  • Studwood evidently more than 3 months old will be rejected.

        The prices listed on the site in the prices you receive. The prices do not include fuel.

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Phone: (506) 523-6480

Fax: (506) 523-9885

Email: info@delcoforest.ca

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